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Ways to incorporate Antiaging Medicine into our current practice

Hello everyone..Our practice is based in New Delhi and mainly focuses on Cosmetology, Weight Management and Nutrition.I would like to know what could be the possible ways in which we can incorporate Antiaging Medicine into our current practice especially with reference to Cosmetology, Hair care and Weight Management.Any suggestions would be most welcome.

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Comment by Dr Deepak Chaturvedi on February 5, 2010 at 11:45pm
Many thanx Dr. Murni. I sincerely feel , Antiaging should be a group practice. It is a combined effort. The patient wants to fight aging which is the biggest truth of the world. No one can stop aging but we are there to let them age gracefully, means we need to incorporate all the fields of medicine and the experience and knowledge in making the population understand the real concept of Antiaging.Experts from various fields with their common vision of Antiaginh should come forward and work together with academic, professional and business partnerships. Let the population get the best from all of us. Secondly, Antiaging as a concept needs awareness in the population which needs marketing both in ways of academic and commercial. There need to be a corporate structure and the day will not be far when Antiaging Medicine will altogether a different speciality like Emergency and Family Medicine in the Education curriculum of the Medical Universities. I am open for any of the partnerships for the promotion and practice of Antiaging Medicine anywhere.
Comment by Dr.Widya Murni on February 5, 2010 at 9:10am
Introducing an anti aging medicine on our own practise quite not easy. We have to make the patient aware, that education is the most important things that we have to build with them, beside building the trust that growing older has just starting when we reach 30 years old. Patient should know that being healthier is not only depends on how we treat them overnight, but should be completely with the right lifestyle modification. Time will be the evidence that our anti aging practise making difference on their life. Optimizing healthy life should me measured with the laboratory result and not only how better they feel or how younger their face look alike. Welcome to the ageless society, let we enjoy the future decades for a better health, beauty and happiness. I wish that all Medical Doctor who works on the field of Anti Aging have the same vision and mission to spread the science of Anti Aging Medicine to make a better world.
Comment by DR APARNA SHAH on January 22, 2010 at 8:31am
Excellent guidance from Dr Deepak. Looking forward to your advice on local application formulas.
Comment by Dr Deepak Chaturvedi on January 22, 2010 at 2:19am
A good sleep , No anxiety , Nutritionally balanced diet , Optimal hormones , No dandruff, Avoidance of direct sunlight of noon on hairs , avoidance of bathing in rains (Acid rain) and avoidance of chemicals are keys to healthy hairs.
Comment by Dr Deepak Chaturvedi on January 22, 2010 at 2:12am
For male pattern baldness in females,If any underlying hormonal imbalance is evident like PCOD/Menopause then correction of the the hormones may bring wonders.

Low dose estradiol+ Progesterone (Bio-Identical) with Saw palmetto (Antiandrogen) and Melatonin can help a lot. Spironolactone is also a good option in addition.

Optimization of Thyroid hormones and DHEA levels will surely make a difference.

DHEA works both ways : If in excess promotes male pattern baldness. If less, makes hair dry and fall.

Vit B12 and Vit D supplementation (as injections) may improve the hair texture in vegetarians.

Aloe Vera + Amla juice every morning certainly help in maintaining the hair texture.

Almonds and Apricots every morning is a very well known home remedy.
Comment by Dr Deepak Chaturvedi on January 21, 2010 at 2:09am
Hello Everyone. I feel Antiaging should be a team practice. It's not about what is best for our practice but is about what are we best in.Antiaging is broad.We need to know our specialization and field of interest. All like minded people with different specializations when come together makes a great Antiaging team. Every patient is a book in himself. One doctor can not spend the whole day with one patient and on the other hand patient also gets confused with the idea of your specialization. Here I suggest, decide your field of interest, get in touch with other antiaging specialists with different fields of interest.Include them in your practice and you are done. Your practice will become a brand then.You will become a brand too.Multitasking/Multipractice will always be ill defined. If you are a cosmetologist, then read more and more about role of BIHRT,nutraceuticals, Detoxification in Cosmetology. Your patients know you as Cosmetologist so you will not need to change your image.You just become Antiaging Cosmetologists. You are already doing your routine cosmetology practice with medicines and procedures. The other informations give you an edge. Have someone Detoxification expert in your panel and you become cosmetologist in his/her panel.Have someone thorough expert in BIHRT in your panel and you become cosmetologist in his /her panel. We all will be associated with each other in both academic as well as business ground and can have national presence within some time. It's time to see various superspecialities of Antiaging. Let's follow the rule of multiplication of time.
Comment by DR APARNA SHAH on January 19, 2010 at 4:57am
Hello Dr Varun. I think it would be an excellent idea to start sharing information on this blog to help arrive at basic protocols for skin care, hair loss and weight management. Would definitely help us start implementing anti aging in our existing cosmetic practices...


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